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FUDGE MARINE is your marine partner for ship's stores in Portugal.

Behind this name works a small but efficient task force providing a full range of services to over 300 international shipping companies.

Due to the encreasing financial pressure on ship operators, both to control and reduce running costs, our team, like many other modern suppliers, plays an important role in the industry.

By undertaking several different supplies and services, we try to minimize management time and cost, enabling customers to use a single contact for various orders.

Following the moves of ship operators to bring high standards to the industry, we are also commited to quality and service.

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Fudge Marine

Our team formed by people with over twenty years of experience in the ship supply industry is ready to attend your enquiries.

Our Goals Are:
Place our Skillness And Experience at Your Service Play Fair And Be Competitive Serve You With The Best of Our Capabilities Keep Up-dated With Recent Shipping Technologies